WordPress is considered the most popular content management system with more than 30% of websites running on this platform.  Originating as a simple blogging system, it has attracted great commercial attention with many sources for plugin features and themes.  These can be combined and customized to create a unique and spectacular website that does exactly what you want it to do, keeping the ease of managing the content.

With the evolution of the Internet, WordPress has also contributed to the changing standards that define appearance and function.  With an added focus on the visual aspects of images and openness these websites create an exciting way to share your business’ many important components.

WordPress Advantages
Many of our websites are based on this platform as they offer many advantages to our clients, some of which are:

Cost effectiveness
Ease of update the website anywhere a connection to the Internet is available
Search engine optimization ready
Responsive webdesign
Upgrade your site’s capabilities easily
Ideal for aggressive content marketing
Ultimate social media integration
Mobile-friendly ready