NetSenses was founded in 1999 to create a company dedicated full-time to Web Site development and Internet consulting. This founding followed several years of successful Web development work for nonprofit organizations, when demand for these services commercially was obviously growing and growing.

We set out to build a service oriented firm to meet the needs of companies wanting a presence on the Internet. After previously constructing office buildings and shopping centers in which to conduct business, we then turned to providing places in cyber space for businesses. These parallel processes require the same understanding of how companies do business and what works best for each.

Our background gives NetSenses the appropriate resources for understanding the working environment of the Internet with the specific business needs of a company wanting to be there.

NetSenses has an established track record of providing valuable Web site and Internet services to small and medium sized businesses in Eastern Virginia. We are eager to meet new opportunities for the development or redevelopment of Web sites for other businesses.