Website Development

We employ a comprehensive approach to developing websites for our clients.  This starts with learning how each does business with an understanding of their target market and customer base.  Accepting that we cannot know their business better than they do, we establish a team approach with our clients to bring their objectives for a website to reality.

Comparing and contrasting a client’s objectives with their competition online leads the way to their best presentation online.

Throughout this process is also an awareness of the need to optimize the results so that the ultimate goal of maximizing the exposure of the critical aspects of their business to the market while minimizing the amount of effort a visitor to the site will need to expel.  This includes logical organization of all of the components the client has to offer with the ease of understanding the navigation of the website.

Also critical are the coordination of managing listings with search directories and social media complementary content.

Website development checklist

Step one. Information gathering

Set goals for the website
Define websites target audience
Compare / contrast competition

Step two. Planning

Create a site map sketch
Create a mock up draft
Choose platform (programming language, frameworks, CMS)

Step three. Design

Create colorful page layouts
Review all layouts
Get client’s feedback on the layouts
Change the layout when required

Step four. Content writing and assembly

Create new content
Prepare for migration

Step five. Coding

Build and deploy website
Add special features and interactivity
SEO for the website

Step six. Testing, review and launch

Test the created website
Upload The website to server
Final testing and launch

Step seven. Maintenance and regular updating

Add user report system
Fix bugs ASAP

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