SEO Services

Optional monthly on-going services and maintenence is available for clients who want to stay ahead of the competition in their market, industry, or niche. With search engines changing daily it is vital for your website’s success, to stay above and beyond your competition and have knowledge of the latest advancements for Search Engine Optimization and Marketing applied to your web site.

To maintain a healthy web site and search engine ranking, NetSenses will provide the following monthly services:

Re-Optimization of Pages & Content
Re-Optimization of Keywords, Title Tags, Meta-Tags, and Alt Tags
Reviewing Market Demographics
Competitve Research and Analysis (Rankings, Tags, Content, Visitors, Links)
Update new Articles, Pages, Images, etc.
Re-Submit sites to Search Engines to maintain secure placement, and updated material
Reporting of new search engine strategies and techniques
*Monthly service fee applies. Schedule your FREE consultation today to find out more. (757)-259-9500.(note will change this number)