Web Design/Redesign Process

Phase 1 – Information Gathering

After we have your authorization to proceed, we will meet with you to carefully review your web site objectives and inventory your existing marketing materials (i.e.: brochures, logos, photos, text information, etc.). NetSenses has prepared a client info guide sheet to simplify your task of organizing material for us.

And we can determine what other new material, if any, is required and how it will be produced. NetSenses can also provide digital photography services to get the photos you need without waiting for film developing, etc. When the information and materials have been assembled, we start the creative process.

Phase 2 – Creative Process

During this preliminary design phase, we will work together to merge your marketing materials with our original design to create a concept layout consistent with your company’s image and online objectives. Upon approval of the preliminary design we go into production.

Phase 3 – Production

This is the process of taking all existing material and original design and transferring it to the language of the Internet, html. Our Production services include high quality graphic design, animation, audio/video capabilities, and any custom programming needs. This phase is concluded ONLY when your web site is up, functioning, and you are 100% satisfied.

And we don’t stop there –

When we finish the development of your web site, we will give you a complete copy of it on a CD for your safekeeping. This added protection is something we gladly offer as a demonstration of our commitment to you, our client.