7 Services Every Reputable SEO Agency Should Provide

One thing you should be aware of is that each SEO agency is unique. Each will have its own levels of experience and skills and provide different types of SEO services—and, we dare say, competence. There will also be a sliding scale of their reputation based on their results and previous client reviews.

One issue arising from these differences is business owners not being sure how they should assess any SEO agency they may employ. Thankfully, according to trusted SEO agency seoperthexperts.com.au, there are several ways to judge how suitable an SEO agency is, and one of the most fundamental is checking whether they offer specific services essential for a successful SEO campaign. Here is an outline of seven core services all reputable SEO agencies should provide.

#1 – SEO Audit

An SEO agency will have no idea what is required to help you if it does not know the current circumstances relating to your rankings. For this reason, they should be carrying out a comprehensive SEO audit as their first task. This will highlight what is currently working and which optimisations require the greatest amount of work.

#2 – Analysis Of Competition

Just as knowing as much about your opposition as possible is required to win a football or rugby match, the same principle applies to SEO. Analysing your competitors to see how well optimised they are and what keywords they are targeting, provides a raft of information and data that can be used to ensure the campaign they create for you is capable of beating your competition.

#3 – Bespoke SEO Strategy

SEO is a marketing channel where there should never be a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Given the huge number of differences between each business, their websites, the markets they compete in, their competitors and their budget, any SEO agency worth employing will create a custom SEO strategy for each client.

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