5 Essential Elements A High Converting Landing Page Must Have

We should start this post by clarifying what a landing page is. It is a term used within web design and online marketing that often confuses because what is a landing page to one business might not be to another. You will find that even within the professional ranks of web designers and online marketers there can be various definitions of a landing page.

For this post, we are defining a landing page as one which is designed to generate leads for a business. It is often a single page in a website that visitors land on (thus the term landing page) having clicked through either from a paid advertisement, from search results on Google or by clicking a link on another website which includes social media pages and other websites within the same business niche.

One thing which every website owner wants their landing page to do is to perform and achieve the objective they have set for it. From our definition we want our landing page to convert the visitor into a lead and that is achieved by them entering their details. This can be their name and email address or telephone number. To ensure that happens the landing page’s design should include these five elements.

One Single Purpose

One of the primary features of a landing page is that it should have one single and clearly identifiable purpose. What the purpose might be for each business will differ, but the key is that whatever it is, that is all the landing page should be designed to achieve. Whether that be to have someone enter their email, call the business directly, or complete a form with all the details of their needs, nothing else should interfere with that.


Whilst there may be several pages on your website where it is appropriate to include lots of content with some stretching to over 1,000 words of text, your landing page should not be one of them. It should be uncluttered, and the text should be short and to the point. Look at your landing page and if there is anything on it that is not required, nor contributes to the landing page’s objective, remove it.

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