WMT Button Gallery – HTML5 Joomla Component

The HTML5 WMT Button Gallery – Joomla Component can be used as a gallery or even as a banner rotator. Each image can have animated description window, this window can be animated from different directions, the transition duration, transition delay and final position can be set for each of then plus they have full css support.
WMT Button Gallery – Preview

WMT Button Gallery – Usage
1. Create New Gallery:
Navigate to Components –> WMT Button Gallery –> Galleries

Click on New button to create new gallery

Enter gallery name and click on Save&Close

2. Upload Image
Navigate to Components –> WMT Button Gallery –> Upload

On Upload tab click browse to select image tha you would like to upload and click on Upload icon

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Enhance Joomla! website usability with HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla Component!

This flipping book extension is intended for both Joomla website owners and regular users: it allows creating realistic and personalized content for a website without sacrificing site design in favor of high Search Engine ranking and presenting information in a new and interesting manner.

HTML5 based publications are indexed by search engines; runs on all mobile devices (IPhones, iPads, Androids, tablets and smartphones); doesn’t require any additional software and plugin installation and are supported by all modern browsers (Safari 5, Chrome 16, Firefox 10, IE 10, 9, 8).

There are a variety of ways to use Joomla Flipping Book component:

• It can be used by business owners for creating product catalogues, flyers and brochures;
• By photographers, designers and make-up specialist for making e-portfolios and digital magazines;
• By eLearning specialists for converting studying materials into online books;
eCommerce owners for performing product prices
• Regular people to present their photos in a surprising way.

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