10 Ways To Improve Your Site Speed For SEO

Whilst no SEO specialist can know 100% every aspect of Google’s algorithm for ranking websites, there is enough research, data, and information to know what factors help a website to rank, and what do not. Some of these are more important than others, and one which you will find on numerous articles about best SEO practices is page load speed.

Page load speed is the time it takes each page to open in the browser of the person who clicked through to that page. Given Google’s focus on user experience, it follows that the quicker your website page opens, the better the experience is for the visitor, and what follows should be better rankings. Any SEO campaign should speed up the time it takes a website’s pages to open and here are ten ways this can be achieved.

Switch To The Optimal Hosting Solution: One basic way to improve your website’s speed is to switch to a hosting solution that can provide the page load speeds you desire. Specifically, moving to a dedicated server rather than using a shared server should manifest a faster page load speed.

Use a Content Distribution Network (CDN): Rather than all your content being stored on and loaded from your hosting server, you should store content on a third-party CDN. This then uses the closest data centre to the visitor to serve up that content on your website, meaning the website loads faster for them.

Reduce URL Redirects: If you use a lot of internal URL redirects within your website, it slows down the page laud speed as there are additional server requests to process the redirect. Carry out an audit on your websites’ redirects and remove those that are no longer necessary.

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