Client Protection Plan

Our commitment is to our clients, first and foremost. We seek to develop for them the best website that will meet or exceed their requirements and expectations.

Website Security
Current Internet trends are rapidly encouraging website owners to make their site secure which visitors find reassuring, even in the absence of making financial transactions. We can install Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates for our clients’ websites to provide encrypted transmission of data from the browser to the server.

Domain Name Registration
When requested to register a domain name on behalf of a client, our policy has always been to do so in the client’s name, in their own account with the registrar. NetSenses has never had a problem in this regard but has new clients tell nightmarish stories of having lost domains and entire websites after experiencing a problem with prior developers.

Website File Copy
At the conclusion of developing the client’s complete website, we provide a copy of the site on a DVD to them for their safekeeping and protect the value of their investment. We value the great client relationships we have established, some going back 20 years, and as a demonstration of good faith, this website backup with the domain under the full control of the client preserves their independence.