7 Actions To Avoid If You Wish To Refrain From Exasperating Your Office Removalists

We sincerely hope if you are a business owner contemplating moving your entire operation to a new office location, you will hire the services of office cleaners. By doing so, you will be taking the one step that can almost guarantee that your office move will go to plan and that there will be no significant calamities, assuming you follow the advice and guidance that the office removalists give you.

There are several ways you can help your removalists to help you. One is what we have just mentioned: following the advice and recommendations your removalists give you concerning matters such as planning, packaging, and so on. On the other hand, were you to take actions that make the work of your removalists more complex, then there could be self-inflicted problems throughout your office relocation.

You might wonder what we mean by ‘actions’ that could cause issues. We specifically mean actions that could, at best, cause frustration amongst the removalist team you have hired and, at worst, do something so unacceptable that the removalists remove themselves as they cannot work safely. Here are seven examples from the professionals at Brilliance Removalists Perth.

You Substitute Their Recommended Packing Materials For Cheap, Inferior Alternatives

Do not try to save a few dollars by using inferior packaging because it is cheaper, especially if your removalists have recommended specific packaging to protect your office equipment and furniture from damage. You may find that they cannot guarantee everything will be safe or even refuse to move certain items if you have used substandard packaging that offers little protection.

You Have Not Finished Packing Everything Properly When They Arrive

Few things will infuriate your office removalists more, than them turning up and you do not have your office ready for the move. Plan well in advance and ensure you have the resources and the personnel available to have everything packed and ready to go. Better still. use removalists who offer packing services and let them do it all for you.

You Have Office Equipment Which Has Not Been Disconnected Or Shut Down Yet

A similar issue to the last one, however, with this it is unlikely your removalists will offer to shut down IT systems and other technical equipment. Again, planning is everything, so make sure that you arrange for all your IT systems and other office equipment such as phone systems, photocopiers, and printers to be decommissioned and thus ready for the move.

You Add Extra Items On The Day Of The Move

When you sign your agreement with the office removalists and confirm the fee that you will pay, the removalists base their pricing and timings on what you tell them needs moving. If you subsequently buy a whole suite of office furniture which you expect them to move, do not be surprised if they either cannot do so, or charge you additional fees for an extra van.

You Have Not Labelled Boxes/Furniture/Equipment Indicating Where They Should Go In The New Office Building

For your removalists to know what floor or specific office everything is to be placed in, you should label as many items and boxes as you can. If you do not, they will simply place items in random locations, meaning it will take you much longer to have your offices set up and ready for use.

You Have Not Arranged For Access To Your New Offices

A bit of a no-brainer but you would be amazed at how many office relocations come to a grinding halt because access, including the keys for the new office building, is not available due to an oversight on the part of the business owner.

You Try Telling The Removalists How To Do Their Job

By all means, provide useful input and answer any questions that your removalists ask you, but under no circumstances should you try telling them how they should be undertaking their duties on the day. Not only does it show a lack of respect, but it can create animosity.